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Professor Shinji Nishiwaki


Shinji Nishiwaki

Tel: 075-383-3598 Fax: 075-383-3601
E-mail: shinji@prec.kyoto-u.ac.jp

  [ Research topics ]
1. Theoretical development of structural optimization methods, especially based on shape and topology optimization, and their application to the design of mechanical products and mechanical systems
2. Conceptual design methods for mechanical products
3. Digital engineering techniques such as the finite element method.
4. Product design and manufacturing methods based on universal design concepts
5. Research on quantitative evaluation methods of intellectual property and patent

[ Research achievements ]
Dr. Nishiwaki's research achievements can be seen here, at University DB, or at ResearcherID.com
Kazuhiro Izui

Associate Professor

Kazuhiro Izui

Tel: 075-383-3599 Fax: 075-383-3601
E-mail: izui@me.kyoto-u.ac.jp

  [ Research topics ]
1. Application of design optimization methods at the conceptual design stage
2. Universal design methods for mechanical products
3. Innovative design methods for mechanical systems based on topology optimization
4. Optimization techniques based on evolutionary algorithms

[ Research achievements ]
Dr. Izui's research achievements can be seen here, or at University DB.
Assistant Professor Takayuki Yamada

Assistant Professor

Takayuki Yamada

Tel: 075-383-3600 Fax: 075-383-3601
E-mail: takayuki@me.kyoto-u.ac.jp

  [ Research topics ]
1. Development of design system based on the shape and topology optimization method
2. Theory of shape and topology optimization method and its applications
3. Multi-scale analysis based on the homogenization theory and its applications
4. Quantitative evaluation method of design requirements for mechanical products

[ Research achievements ]
Dr. Yamada's research achievements can be seen here, at University DB, or at ResearcherID.com




Yukiko Ohmae

Tel: 075-383-3600
Email: ohmae.yukiko.3u@kyoto-u.ac.jp

Current Students

Doctral course Takayo KOTANI
Doctral course Lirong LU
Doctral course Kentaro YAJI
Master course Takahiro MATSUKI
Master course Yuya AKATSUCHI
Matser course Tomohiro IKENO
Matser course Kei UENISHI
Matser course Kenta YAMAGATA
Bachelor course Toshiki OKAMOTO
Bachelor course Kenji YASUI
Bachelor course Yuki SATO
Doctral course Yuyichi WAKUKAWA
Doctral course Seiji KUBO
Master course Ken MIYAJIMA
Master course Akiyoshi KITAGAWA
Master course Xiaobo BAI
Master course Ryuta TANAKA
Bachelor course Ryosuke TATEMICHI
Bachelor course Yuji FURUKAWA
Bachelor course Ayami SATO
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