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Professor Shinji Nishiwaki


Shinji Nishiwaki

Tel: 075-383-3598 Fax: 075-383-3601
E-mail: shinji@prec.kyoto-u.ac.jp

  [ Research topics ]
1. Theoretical development of structural optimization methods, especially based on shape and topology optimization, and their application to the design of mechanical products and mechanical systems
2. Conceptual design methods for mechanical products
3. Digital engineering techniques such as the finite element method.
4. Product design and manufacturing methods based on universal design concepts
5. Research on quantitative evaluation methods of intellectual property and patent

[ Research achievements ]
Dr. Nishiwaki's research achievements can be seen here, at University DB, or at ResearcherID.com
Kazuhiro Izui

Associate Professor

Kazuhiro Izui

Tel: 075-383-3599 Fax: 075-383-3601
E-mail: izui@me.kyoto-u.ac.jp

  [ Research topics ]
1. Application of design optimization methods at the conceptual design stage
2. Universal design methods for mechanical products
3. Innovative design methods for mechanical systems based on topology optimization
4. Optimization techniques based on evolutionary algorithms

[ Research achievements ]
Dr. Izui's research achievements can be seen here, or at University DB.
Specific Associate Professor Sunghoon Lim


Sunghoon Lim

Tel: 075-383-3603 Fax: 075-383-3601
E-mail: lim.sunghoon.7w@kyoto-u.ac.jp

  [ Research topics ]
1. Development of structural design method, based on the concept of topology optimization
2. High efficiency design of magneto-mechanical devices
3. Development of multi-physics/multi-objective optimization method




Yukiko Ohmae

Tel: 075-383-3600
Email: ohmae.yukiko.3u@kyoto-u.ac.jp



Yumiko Nakagawa

Tel: 075-383-3602
Email: nakagawa.yumiko.8a@kyoto-u.ac.jp


Researcher Tsuguo KONDOH
Researcher Shinichi MARUYAMA
Researcher Mario PETROVIC
Researcher Kozo FURUTA
Researcher Ryota MISAWA

Current Students

Doctral course Naoko ISHIZUKA
Doctral course Yuki SATO
Doctral course Hideki YASUDA
Doctral course Doe Young HUR
Doctral course Ryuta TANAKA
Master course Yuto IIMURA
Master course Yusuke SASAKI
Matser course Takuya TSUCHIHASHI
Matser course Kazuki TSUDA
Matser course Tatsuya YAMANAKA
Bachelor course Eri ITO
Bachelor course Yoshinori KOIKE
Bachelor course Tatsuya MUKAI
Bachelor course Taishi YAMASAKI
Doctral course Ayami SATO
Doctral course Yuki NOGUCHI
Doctral course Yusuke SAKAMOTO
Doctral course Akira SATOMURA
Doctral course Takao MIKI
Master course Takeshi OKUDA
Master course Masaki SHIMOSAKA
Matser course Yuta TANAKA
Matser course Yuji NARITA
Matser course Takashi YODONO
Bachelor course Hiromasa KURIOKA
Bachelor course Yuya FUJITA
Bachelor course Naoyuki MORISHITA
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